Floral Nursery Mobile

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This beautiful soft and flowing floral beaded mobile in mint and grey with white paper flowers, is perfect for Your baby's nursery and will add a touch of lovely to their room. Mobile can also be used for Baby Nursery mobile, Crib mobile, Baby Shower. Wedding decor, Bridal shower, Birthday Gift etc...

Highlights of this mobile are:
* The mobile shown is 6 - 8 inches wide and approximately 18 inches long.
* Flowers vary in size, but measure 1/2" to 1" approx
* Beads measure 1/2 " diameter
* This mobile can be customized to a variety of size and color combination of your choice (cost will vary for mobile smaller/larger than 8 inches).

** Mobile is not intended to be used as a toy and should be hung out of reach of small children **

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